An Overview

The World Branch Report 2019 is a collaboration between Thynk Digital and The Financial Brand.  The objective of the report is to ascertain the current trends, factors and opinions from both bankers and consumers on the role of bank branches in today’s financial environment. As part of the research for this report two surveys were conducted. One survey was sent to bankers globally, of which 498 responses were provided. The other survey was to international consumers, of which 9,391 responded. The demographic information of the surveyors is covered on the following page.

The World Branch Report 2019 looks to document views on the value of the bank branch, what is happening inside the branch, and the impact that digital-only challenger banks are having on the way people seek and use banking services and products in today’s increasingly mobile-first world.

Bill Gates once commented that people need banking but don’t need banks, but the arguments for and against branches still continue to evoke passionate opinions both amongst traditionalist bankers, industry experts/analysts and fintech disruptor advocates.  Despite a consistent global reduction in branch networks over the past few years, many leading banks continue to invest in rolling out of more branches, reimagining the look and feel of their branches, and implementing new technologies in a bid to meet the expectations of today’s digital consumer. This report seeks to explain why this is happening, and what are the major factors banks should consider when determining their own branch strategy.

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